Constituent Newsletters

Sixth District Legislators to host Mobile Office at the Katz Jewish Community Center

In an effort to bring convenient and local constituent services to the community, the 6th Legislative District will be hosting a mobile office event on August 11 between 9:00 AM-12:00 PM at the Katz Community Center located at 1301 Springdale Rd in Cherry Hill, NJ to help residents navigate through a variety of state issues and services.

The mobile office will be staffed by experienced representatives who will assist residents with questions or concerns about state issues including, but not limited to unemployment claim difficulties, PTR (senior tax freeze) assistance, utility and energy assistance programs, consumer complaints, and state financial aid.

The mobile office will also offer a variety of resources for families and seniors, travel information, activity books for children, and information on recreational activities in New Jersey.

Should you be unable to attend, the legislative offices of Beach, Greenwald and Lampitt are available Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. to assist constituents. Senator Beach can be reached at (856) 429-1572 or at, and Assemblyman Greenwald and Assemblywoman Lampitt can be reached at (856) 435-1247, or

Hurricane Sandy Resource Center

As New Jersey recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, families and communities will have many different needs. Below, please find a compilation of the resources that may be most helpful to you and your family. As always, please feel free to contact our office at (856) 435-1247 if we may be of assistance to you.

Protect Yourself from Disaster-Related Scams

The New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs has released information on how residents can protect themselves from disaster-related scams in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Check out their helpful one-page flyer by clicking here, and protect yourself.

Tips on How to File an Insurance Claim

Here are several articles that provide tips on how to file an insurance claim, if your property was damaged by the storm:

CBS video: MoneyWatch editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger walks you through how to file an insurance claim

CBS Moneywatch: 7 Insurance Tips to Deal with Sandy

CNN Money: What to do if Sandy flooded your car

Election Information

We have heard from many individuals who are concerned they will have trouble voting this Election Day because of the damage of the storm.

Back to Work NJ: Leading the Way to Create Jobs (Dec. '10 Constituent Newsletter)

By Senator Jim Beach, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald & Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt

Recently, Democrats in the Legislature announced “Back to Work NJ”—a legislative package to create jobs, help small businesses and families, and stimulate New Jersey’s economy. Assemblyman Greenwald has been at the forefront of leadership on this issue, sponsoring many of these bills and chairing multiple hearings to consider this package of job-creation and economic development bills.

Astoundingly, some have argued that working to create jobs and help businesses grow should be on the backburner in Trenton. With unemployment over 9% in New Jersey, we could not disagree more. Now is the time to take bold, smart action to create jobs and put New Jerseyans back to work, and that is exactly what what we are doing – with 30 bills ready to be voted on by the full Assembly and Senate.

Each of us has sponsored major measures in this 30-bill job-creation package, which have already been approved by committees in the Assembly and the Senate. Most of these initiatives have received bipartisan support and cooperation. We call on Governor Christie to support them. In the upcoming weeks, we will provide you with detailed updates on these proposals to create jobs. Working together, we can create jobs and jump-start New Jersey’s economy.

Real Property Tax Reform: Fixing Interest Arbitration (Dec. '10 Constituent Newsletter)

To our towns and counties, interest arbitration is a roadblock in efforts to lower property taxes. These public employees are often awarded contracts with annual raises of 4, 5 or even 6 percent—with no regard to a town’s fiscal reality or staggeringly high unemployment. With daily reports of layoffs in the private sector and residents struggling to find jobs, these contracts must better reflect economic conditions and fiscal realities.

Legislation I have sponsored would reform this broken system. This week, the Governor signed this historic measure into law – part of the property tax reform “toolkit.” This bipartisan bill would level the playing field for towns and property taxpayers by placing a 2 percent cap on salary increases for police and firefighter arbitration awards. By requiring arbitrators to consider the wallets of property taxpayers and the balance sheets of municipalities, we can ensure that arbitration awards put the property taxpayer first.

In addition, my bill will ensure that unbiased arbitrators are selected fairly and provides incentives for arbitrators to consider cases more quickly, preventing cases from dragging out unnecessarily. My legislation will also sunset after three years. This provision will allow us to study the effectiveness of this reform and evaluate the best options in a bipartisan fashion on how to proceed.

Governor’s “Toolkit” is Not the Silver Bullet for Property Taxes (Dec. '10 Constituent Newsletter)

By Senator Jim Beach, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald & Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt

Several months ago, Governor Christie unveiled a package of legislative proposals which he described as a “toolkit” for local governments and school districts to keep down property taxes, now that New Jersey has a historic 2% cap on property taxes. We have held numerous hearings and closely studied these measures—listening to you, the taxpayers, as we evaluated the Governor’s so-called “toolkit.” As a result, we have passed many of these proposals and sent them to the Governor’s desk in 2010.

We have approached these complex pieces legislation thoughtfully and deliberately. On some issues—including a bill to cut government spending by streamlining the sample ballot process—the Governor has agreed with our ideas. On others, including arbitration reform, we have worked together productively toward bipartisan compromise. As a result, true arbitration reform will be signed into law today.

For some issues, such as civil service reform and cracking down on taxpayer-funded “golden parachutes” for unused sick leave, we continue to negotiate with the Governor and work toward the best possible compromise for the families of New Jersey.