Constituent Newsletters

“Mobile Office” Constituent Services Coming Soon to a Town Near You! (Dec. '10 Constituent Newsletter)

During 2010, the offices of Senator Beach, Assemblyman Greenwald and Assemblywoman Lampitt have hosted several “mobile office” events designed to provide convenient constituent services in towns throughout the Sixth District. Staff members from our offices have already traveled to six towns, including Cherry Hill, Collingswood, Haddonfield, Pine Hill, Voorhees, and Winslow to assist residents.

These outreach events are staffed by experienced constituent service representatives who can help taxpayers and residents with questions or concerns on a variety of State issues, including unemployment, taxation, utility assistance, student financial aid, veterans’ issues, and more.

The offices of Beach, Greenwald and Lampitt will continue to travel to towns throughout the district in 2011, in an effort to bring State services directly to taxpayers and residents. Look for a “mobile office” event to come to your town in the near future!

Beach, Greenwald & Lampitt Deliver Utility Assistance (Dec. '10 Constituent Newsletter)

During 2010, the offices of Senator Beach, Assemblyman Greenwald and Assemblywoman Lampitt have secured nearly $13,000 in utility assistance to families across the Sixth District. This funding, available through grants in the NJSHARES program, helps qualifying families struggling to pay their gas and electric bills. To learn more about this program or see if you qualify for assistance, call Senator Beach’s office at (856) 429-1572 or Assemblyman Greenwald & Assemblywoman Lampitt’s office at (856) 435-1247.

Greenwald and Lampitt Leading on “Toolkit” Property Tax Reforms (Oct. '10 Constituent Newsletter)

Several months ago, the Legislature passed a historic, bipartisan measure to rein in the out-of-control growth in property taxes. This 2 percent property tax cap, supported by Senator Beach, Assemblyman Greenwald, and Assemblywoman Lampitt, is a step in the right direction to reducing property taxes in New Jersey. However, this important work is not over.

Now that towns and local governments must live within this cap on property tax increases, they must be given the ability to truly cut the local spending that drives property taxes. Governor Christie has proposed several such measures, described as part of his “toolkit,” and Assemblyman Greenwald and Assemblywoman Lampitt are taking the lead in delivering a number of these critically-needed property tax reform measures.

One of the major local costs that causes towns to raise property taxes are massive sick leave payouts. As has been detailed in countless recent news articles, a handful of public workers in some towns have amassed so much unused sick time that taxpayers are left on the hook for six-figure payouts when those employees retire. Assemblywoman Lampitt believes sick time should be used for sickness, not for massive, taxpayer-funded “golden parachutes,” and that’s why she has introduced a bill to crack down on this egregious spending.

A Tax Credit to Create Jobs (Oct. '10 Constituent Newsletter)

By Assemblyman Lou Greenwald

Home sales in New Jersey fell 23 percent in May and 27 percent in June. Those numbers are even scarier considering those are typically busy times for the real estate market. Construction of homes has plummeted, and our unemployment rate stands at over 9 percent.

It’s simple to explain—falling sales in homes means a weaker economy and fewer jobs for New Jersey. That is why I worked hard for months in a bipartisan fashion to pass my bill creating a tax credit for homebuyers in New Jersey. This Homebuyer Tax Credit would make the American Dream more affordable for families and give our housing market the shot in the arm it needs.

Under the bill, the tax credits would be allowed for up to $15,000 or 5 percent of the home purchase price, whichever is less. The total credits would be capped at $100 million, with $75 million set aside for newly constructed homes.

Honoring Our Active Duty Military & Our Veterans (Oct. '10 Constituent Newsletter)

This year marked the 9th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 attacks that killed thousands of Americans, including hundreds of New Jerseyans. We must never forget the awful events of that fateful morning and those who tragically lost their lives at the hands of extremists.

We must also never forget the thousands of servicemen and women who have fought and continue to fight throughout the world in defense of the very freedoms the 9/11 terrorists sought to destroy. These brave men and women have laid their lives on the line to defend our families and our freedoms. We must do everything we can to honor and support our active military and veterans.

The offices of Senator Beach, Assemblyman Greenwald and Assemblywoman Lampitt can connect military and veterans’ families with a variety of State benefits and services, including housing, legal aid, health care and access to higher education. We can also direct veterans and their families to specific property tax relief, employment and job training assistance programs.

To find out more about state assistance for veteran and military families, simply contact Senator Beach at (856) 429-1572 or Assemblyman Greenwald and Assemblywoman Lampitt at (856) 435-1247.