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Greenwald Condemns the Passing of Concealed Carry Reciprocity


(VOORHEES) - Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald on Thursday strongly condemned House Rule 38, which amends federal criminal code to allow an individual to carry a concealed handgun in another state.
"By creating concealed carry reciprocity, Congress is putting Americans at risk. Over the past decade our nation has seen an epidemic of gun violence, from the mass shooting in Las Vegas to the massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando," said Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington). "Proactive stances on gun violence help make America safe, and this change will do nothing but make our neighborhoods and communities more dangerous for families."
Greenwald has been an advocate for gun safety since meeting with the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2013 after their devastating losses. That year, he introduced a 21-bill package, including lowering gun magazine capacity, enhancing penalties for gun trafficking offenses and establishing a regulatory system for the sale of ammunition.
"The loss of 20 children and 6 teachers impacted our nation and strengthened my resolve to protect our communities from gun violence. I am at a loss that anyone would want to put our nation at risk of another tragedy like this," Greenwald said.

Bill to Help More New Jersey Workers Save for Retirement Advanced by Assembly Panel

New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program Act' Would Offer Security & Peace of Mind for Employees without a Current Retirement Plan

(TRENTON) - Legislation Assembly Democrats Speaker Vincent Prieto, Tim Eustace, Joe Lagana, Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, Annette Quijano, Joseph Danielsen and Raj Mukherji sponsored to create a unique, new program to help more New Jersey workers plan for retirement was advanced Thursday by the Assembly Labor Committee.
The bill (A-4275), which is modeled after the first-in-the-nation plan recently signed into law in Illinois, would create individual retirement accounts for employees of firms with at least 25 workers who do not presently have access to an employer-provided retirement plan.
"This truly is a win-win for employees and employers," said Prieto (D-Bergen/Hudson). "The vast majority of today's retirees rely primarily on social security payments for income. Meanwhile, retirement savings are a mounting anxiety for more and more workers. Under this program, employees who would otherwise have no private retirement plan will now have access to one. And smaller companies will now have a great incentive tool to help recruit and retain employees without any financial burden."

Greenwald's 'Democracy Act' to Overhaul New Jersey's Outdated Voting Laws Advanced by Assembly Committee

Measure Calls for Early Voting, Online & Automatic Voter Registration, Increased Accessibility & Protections & End of Wasteful Special Elections

(TRENTON) - Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald's sweeping overhaul of New Jersey's outdated voting rights laws - including plans to allow early voting, online and automatic voter registration, increased accessibility and protections and an end to wasteful special elections - was advanced Monday by an Assembly panel.
"New Jersey's election laws date back to the early 1900s, which has led to confusion, litigation, wasteful special elections and a process that quite simply has not kept up with modern technology," said Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen). "Superstorm Sandy demonstrated how ill-prepared our election system is for emergencies and how ill-equipped we are for any modern voting. We must do better if we're going to truly protect voting rights for New Jerseyans from every community across our state."
The leaders noted New Jersey is 39th in the United States in the percentage of eligible voters who are registered at 64.3 percent, compared to 82.8 percent for the top state. And, New Jersey is 39th in the country on average voter turnout at 54.5 percent, compared to the top state at 73.3 percent.

Benson, Greenwald, Lagana & Vainieri Huttle Cord Blood Bank Tax Deduction Bill Approved by Assembly Panel

May 11, 2015

An Assembly panel on Monday approved legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Daniel Benson, Majority Leader Louis Greenwald, Joseph Lagana and Valerie Vainieri Huttle to help more families afford the opportunity to bank their child's cord blood in the event of a medical emergency down the road.

The bill (A-1030) would extend New Jersey's gross income tax medical expense deduction to certain cord blood banking services.

"This bill would make cord blood banking more cost-effective for New Jersey residents while encouraging the proliferation of cord blood banks in our state," said Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "Hopefully this change will allow more parents to afford this potentially life-saving service."

Cord blood banking involves collecting blood left in a newborn's umbilical cord and placenta and storing it for future medical use because of the potentially lifesaving stem cells contained in it. Stem cells have the ability to develop into other types of cells, so they can help repair tissues, organs, and blood vessels and can be used to treat a host of diseases, like leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, blood disorders, and immune deficiencies.

"Even though we don't like to think about medical emergencies arising down the road for our children, it's wise to plan for the possibility," said Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington). "This tax benefit will allow more parents to do so and could ultimately save lives."

Bill to Create Tax-Free Savings Accounts for Individuals with Disabilities Advanced Assembly Panel

March 20, 2015

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Pamela Lampitt, Majority Leader Louis Greenwald, Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Daniel Benson to create tax-free savings accounts for individuals with disabilities was approved by an Assembly panel on Thursday.

The bill (A-3956) would establish a program within the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities known as ABLE - Achieving a Better Life Experience - in accordance with the federal "Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014," which was signed into law by President Obama in December 2014.

"The goal of this law is to ease the financial strains faced by individuals with disabilities by making tax-free savings accounts available to cover many day-to-day expenses," said Lampitt (D-Camden/Burlington). "This is an important tool to help provide financial security throughout their lives."

"This new law will allow people with disabilities to open specialized accounts where they can save up to $100,000 without risking eligibility for Social Security and other government programs," said Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington). "Even more importantly, individuals can keep their Medicaid coverage no matter how much money they accrue in an ABLE account."

To be eligible, individuals must have a condition that occurred before age 26 and each person may only open one ABLE account. As set forth in the federal law, qualifying disability expenses would include expenses made for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including:

· education expenses;

· housing and transportation expenses;